"What Do Your Friends
     Say About Us?"

"First, it has been a while since I have been in the water with regards to SCUBA, 25+ years. Chris and his team were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work with me in understanding all the nuances that has developed in SCUBA. This includes equipment, technology, and course materials. Together, we have plotted a course for specialty dives, as well as a plan to get to Master Diver.  If life has happened, and your wanting to get back involved in SCUBA, this is a great place to begin that journey...again."
Travis Harris, Schuyler, VA

"Chris and Kathleen: Thank you for the refresher course that you just taught. It was well thought out stressing the important points that all divers should know about and feel comfortable with, it was well taught, and well demonstrated in the pool. And it was fun. You both are what being professional is all about. Thank you again, "
  - Jerry Donowitz, Charlottesville VA

"Hi Chip and Dive Connections folks, Since I completed my confined water dives with you all in December, I wanted to reach out after my trip to Grand Cayman to let you know that I completed my scuba certification!  :)  I did my open water dives with Seahorse Diving School, and I can't tell you how much better I felt getting into the water this time than when I tried a year ago before completing my confined water dives with Dive Connections.  It was still a bit of an adjustment to be in the open water compared to the pool, but I felt 50x as confident and prepared this time thanks to my confined water dives with you all.  My instructor Sonia Pacini commented that my training in Charlottesville was really good, and I definitely agree.  Thank you so much!  I am very happy to have achieved this certification.  I got to see a beautiful sea turtle scratching its back on some coral, lots of stingrays, a tiny sea horse, crabs, lobsters, tiny shrimp, puffer fish, flounders, sea cucumber, etc.  Very cool experience, and I am excited that I can go diving again in the future."
   -  Liz Menter, Charlottesville, VA

"Hey Mr. Findley, I hope this finds you well! My name is Will, I was with you for the most recent Advanced Open Water class and I just have to say, it was incredible! Thank you! My primary purpose of this email is to schedule my five specialty classes. I know we discussed the five as being Search and Recovery, Dry Suit, Full Face Mask, Wreck, and Peak Buoyancy. I was wanting to just switch the Peak Buoyancy to Deep Diver. I would like to schedule them soon ideally. Thank you again!"
   - Will Robinson, Lynchburg, VA

"We want to let you know we had a great time diving this weekend in NC with the SeaDevils. Marilou did an excellent job as group leader. She makes the trip so fun, organizing and exciting. We really appreciate her hard work and dedication that makes the trip run smoothly and be a lot of fun. Both the boat crew and the divers really love her.  Three cheers for Marilou!"

   - Dan & Sue Tuck, Charlottesville, VA


"Hi there!  Just wanted to let you all know that I got BIG props for how great my instructors must have been when I went for the referral dives. Shout out to Jesse and Michaele for being wonderful and supportive teachers!  I’ll definitely be be back to the shop and looking for more training at some point soon. Thank you again for an awesome first experience. I’m super excited about it!  Thank you!"

   - Meghan Costello, Charlottesville, VA

"Greetings from Catalina! A quick note to say Zara and Amity completed their first 2 Open Water dives! We’ll be joining them for their last one tomorrow so I’ll have more to share on Catalina but so far yes it’s cold but they seem to be doing ok with the 7mm wetsuits and hoods/booties and they are having a blast. The dive shop here was very complementary to your teaching/preparing the kids - the girls had no trouble with any of the skills. The attached pic shows them making their way down the steps to the Dive Park.  We’ll follow up with a full report once we’re back in C’ville. Thanks again!"
   - Johanna Craig, Charlottesville, VA

"I just wanted to thank you and Dive Connections for allowing us to use our LivingSocial voucher even though we weren't able to make it work during the specified time period.  My wife Emily and I had a great time yesterday during the discover class! SCUBA is definitely a unique experience and after our time yesterday we couldn't stop saying things like "That is definitely something I could get into." We owe the credit of our good experience to our instructor Andrew! He knew the skills very well and made us feel safe as it was our first time SCUBA diving. When we had trouble with some of the basic skills it was great that he got us regrouped and talked about what we were doing incorrectly; then we were able to perform the skills with no problem. Again thank you for a great experience and if we are ever asked about SCUBA we will definitely send people your way!

   - Adam Pudliner, Roseland, VA


"The people who were at The Dive Connections in Charlottesville were outstanding.  Many times, extra divers just came to help and there were 2 instructors per student.  Everyone was so helpful and they didn't go on to the next skill until you absolutely had the previous skill.  My daughter was well taken care of by Chip Earle, and his staff and she LOVED the experience.  As a mom, I felt it was very safe, well organized and overall well done."

   - Heidi Lohr, Madison, VA


"Thank you and Andrew for instructing the triplets 9th birthday party.  We had a wonderful experience which we, all, will remember for the rest of our lives.  Once  again, thank you and your team for the great party!"

   - Andrea Alms, Charlottesville, VA


"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the pool sessions with Mike, Shelley, John, Adam, and Sherece.  Everyone was helpful, had a great attitude, and clearly loved diving.  The instructors were patient and clear.  They handled students with differing comfort levels compassionately and effectively while doing their best to stay on time. Dive Connections runs a first-class operation and I'm proud to be a graduate!"

   - Catherine Casey, Charlottesville, VA


"We had a great time time today and Peyton was awesome.  He patiently waited out the afternoon with us (which was filled with ongoing thunder), until we could finally get back in the pool and allow the kids to have a go at it.  Great fun was had by all!!!  We are very appreciative of Peyton, and Dive Connections for a fabulous experience."

   - Renee & Brian Fuller, Charlottesville, VA


"It was an awesome experience getting my classroom and pool training from  you guys.  Thanks for helping to make a dream come true!"

   - Jennifer Gillis, Atlanta, GA


"Please accept this with my full sincerity and feel free to quote me. I was already very pleased with my educational experience at Dive Connections. That you are willing to spend time on the phone to share your experience and knowledge to help continue that education gives me a great deal of confidence in your organization. I am a firm believer that we should never stop learning or experiencing, and I look forward to continuing my dive education with you folks. Can't wait to get back in the water, or more, into the ocean."

   - Angelo Sorrentino, Culpeper, VA

"We greatly appreciated John's help with all of our gear before our vacation.  He's been very helpful the last several times we've been in the shop and love having our own stuff (despite the hurt it put on the wallet)! "
   - Beth & Rich Van Hook, Charlottesville, VA

"I would love to attend (your GoPRO evening).  but you see I already have a job where I dream of going to work.  It all started at Dive Connections.  First as a Divemaster, where I learned from some very experienced instructors. What you guys taught me has served me well... Then later as an instructor, you willingness to help and encourage has been an inspiration that I try to share with new divers and others alone the way toward becoming a professional...  Thanks for the encouragement, and great examples.  Just another dive pro living the dream "
   - Susan Finlen, formerly Charlottesville, VA - now Key Largo, FL

"Hey Bruce, John and Kat - I loved my first dive trip to Bonaire!  I experienced my first wreck dive on the Hilma Hooker and my first night dives off Capt Don's.  Thanks for the classroom and pool work as it was a great intro to the world of diving. "
   - Brian Eckstein, Charlottesville, VA

"I would like to pass on to you my best wishes for a prosperous and peaceful New Year and my thanks for the help of Dive Connections in assisting me to complete my Rescue Diver certification whilst I was here in the USA.  My special thanks to John Dawson who I found a knowledgeable and patient instructor and an asset to your Dive Centre.  I hope to be able to visit the US again shortly and will look forward to diving with Dive Connections again."
   - Steve Hare, Northern Ireland UK

"Chip, I really appreciate the personal service I received from you on this "mind blowing" dive trip.  Please let me know if the Bonaire is in the card for 2010"
   - Doug Gordon, Plano, TX

"It's great for me to feel such confidence in a local shop.  Charlottesville and its surrounding areas have been well served by your business!   It's been fun to watch all the things you've done.  Diving instruction and travel have come a long way around here since Leroy Smith taught Chuck and me to dive."
   - Linda Mills, Charlottesville, VA

"To Everyone at Dive Connections - Thanks for getting me certified!  Dived the Catalina Islands, Dos Sombreros & Elephant Isle.  Muchas Gracias!  Pura Vida!"
   - Monte Martinussen, Lake Anna, VA

"Kevin, Many thanks for doing the advanced open water dives this past weekend. I believe I learned a lot (I have much more to learn I'm sure) and I'm much more comfortable in the water. I appreciated your patience, enthusiasm and your approach to instruction. Hope to dive with you again!
   - Maureen Mikolajczak, Palmyra, VA

"Everyone does an outstanding job."
   - Mike & Jackie Drake, Culpeper, VA

"I'm very satisfied with the attention I receive on every visit to the shop."
   - Tim Fleming, Charlottesville, VA

"Eric Horton was a great instructor! He answered questions and explained things very well. He was engaging, funny and PATIENT. It has been a wonderful experience so far, and I'm looking forward to continuing."
   - Shannon Button, Culpeper, VA

"Eric Horton was a great trip leader.  Will definitely travel with you again."
   - Chandie Stancil, Christiansburg, VA

"For the second year, we went to Little Cayman with Lenny Monopoli.  We can't say enough about Lenny and his skills.  Of course he is a great diver, but while we are diving, he is always checking on each and every one of us to make sure we are all OK.  He is very vigilant on the boat, as well.  If he sees our gear is not just right, he tactfully assists us.  He will even offer to help other people, not in our group, and they are always grateful.  He is "Dad" to all of us.  He wants us to have fun, but above all, he wants us to be safe.  We have been diving for a long time and consider ourselves experienced divers, but knowing Lenny is down under with us, gives us a sense of well being. Lenny is very approachable when we have questions, and he is more than glad to help.  He does not judge us or make us feel small if we ask even the dumbest question.  He is so much fun to travel with!  His sense of humor is wonderful, and he's always optimistic, but when it is time to be serious about safe diving, he is all business.  Our lucky day was 3 years ago when we just happened to be in Little Cayman and found ourselves on the same boat with Lenny.  We have been fans of Lenny ever since.  I even hate to THINK of not meeting him.  We have met many divers, of course, during our years of diving, but Lenny holds a special place in our hearts.  You are VERY lucky to have him working for you, and feel he must be a great asset to your business.  We have already made a deposit, for 2 weeks next year, to go to Little Cayman with him!  As long as you have Lenny, you have our business.  Thanks for taking the time to read this."
   - Tom & Deb Wiles, Oxford, ME

"Drew, Ava and I have just returned from our fabulous Little Cayman dive vacation with Dive Connections, and I want to let you know much we enjoyed our time in the Caribbean. The island was perfect, the dives were very exciting and varied, and the hotel accommodations and food were wonderful.  But the best part of the trip was having Lenny there to look out for us, to help us when necessary, and to spread his good cheer to everyone around him.  I felt very safe diving with Lenny nearby, and greatly appreciated the care and attention he gave to Drew and Ava.  Lenny is as fabulous with kids as he is with adults.  Dive Connections was very well represented by Lenny and I know you would have been very pleased to see how diplomatic, caring, and enjoyable Lenny is in action!  So I want to thank you both for sponsoring this trip.  It is truly one of my favorite vacations I have ever taken.  We are ready to sign up for next year’s trip when you give the word."
   - Michelle McDonough, Charlottesville, VA

"I am writing to let you know that Lenny made it much more than a dive trip.  He took care of many details for us, both related to diving and not. In the water, he was always there watching over our group-either pointing out interesting things (he seemed to find them all!) or doing safety watches. It was just a real pleasure to be in his dive group, and made the experience that much better. He had a great relationship with the divers as well as the staff of Reef Divers.  We were all so pleased that we have signed up already for next year.  Thanks for all the great support that Dive Connections provides!
   - Teresa Guise, Charlottesville, VA

"Everyone is very friendly."
   - Kinsey Blumenthal, North Garden, VA

"All was Great.  Looking forward to the future."
   - Clay Overholt, Lynchburg, VA

""You guys are awesome, and I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to go scuba diving with my family in St. Maarten!! Hope y'all are having a great diving season!"
   - Danielle Purpura, Nellysford, VA"

"We've enjoyed the friendliness by all and especially going to the Bahamas with Chip."
   - Mike & Jackie Drake, Culpeper, VA"

"Thanks to Lenny and you guys for helping make a dream come true!"
   - Tony Mello, Marion, MA"

"My wife, Rebecca Trexler, and I, just completed your open water course this weekend.  We wanted you to know that both John and Lenny were excellent instructors, and although we probably weren't the "easiest" students, the personal attention they provided was far beyond what we had expected.  Lenny has been especially helpful helping us select equipment (and drain my bank account) in preparation for the training : - ).  The gear he helped us select made the training go smoothly since we actually got to train on what we'll be using in future dives.  We appreciated the professionalism of both gentlemen and look forward to our continued relationship with Dive Connections."
   - John David Canoles, Ruckersville, VA"

"I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Joe for his excellent teaching skills, patience, and all-around good-natured spirit during my lesson's over the weekend.  He mentioned at the beginning of our class that he hoped that some of his enthusiasm for the sport would rub off on us.  Now that the class is complete, I can certainly say that it did.  I feel fortunate to have been introduced to the sport by such a great guy and I look forward to a lifetime of diving enjoyment.  Thanks Joe!"
   - Jarred VandeMark, Richmond, VA"

"I'm very pleased with the overall experience with Dive Connections.  The people are great and I'm going back."
   - Brandon Smith, Roanoke, VA"

"Love your shop and your people!"
   - Wayne Westbury, Richmond, VA"

"We had a blast and would recommend you guy's to anyone.  You are our #1 dive shop!"
   - Troy & Michelle Colberg, Louisa, VA"

"Friendly, honest, helpful sales people!! Great Teachers!!!"
   - Pam McIntire, Earlysville, VA"

"I came out to your facility to take a refresher pool course in the middle of my training because I did not feel my training in SC was that good.  Eric was fantastic and helped me feel so confident for my open water dives in Florida.  I've even done four dives in the Bahamas!  Please thank him for me! ---I wish we had done it all with you guys."
   - Charlsie Anderson, Lynchburg, VA"

"I completed my open water diving in Isla Mujeres, Mexico back in February. I got my PADI certification card in the mail just last week. The trip was wonderful and I am grateful for the help your shop provided in preparing me for the trip.  Greg Zajak was a great instructor. Cheers,"
   - Darrell Muller, Charlottesville, VA"

"Thanks for everything!"
   - Hartley Jeffries, Charlottesville, VA"

"Eric was a great instructor. Use him as much as you can!""
   - Tom & Sean Roesch, Charlottesville, VA"

I have always felt you did a great job with me as a customer.  Thank You!"
   - Duane Snow, Charlottesville, VA

"Eric Horton was a patient, helpful and very knowledgeable instructor.  Excellent class!"
   - Bonnie Davis, Palmyra, VA

"Lenny was very helpful and concerned that I was satisfied (with my wet suit fit), which after the alterations, I am!"
   - Fran Yardley, Tupper Lake, NY

"I chose Dive Connections because of their reputation and how easily training classes fit my schedule"
   - Danielle Gauldin, Waynesboro, VA

"The very best service and knowledge. Please do not change."
   - Marlyn Allen, Nellysford, VA

"Great Philosophy - Let's Go Diving!"
   - Jamie & Nicole Teer, Charlottesville, VA

"Very good training programs and travel opportunities available any time."
   - Alastair Watson, Troy, VA

"My relationship with Dive Connections has been enjoyable and rewarding."
   - Brian Miller, Charlottesville, VA

"I couldn't be happier.  I'm a Dive Connections' customer for life.  Your customer service is an A+"
   - Jesse Faisant, Richmond, VA

"Good looking shop & great expertise and experience"
   - Shelley Sheehe, Williamsburg, VA

"I enjoyed shopping at Dive Connections and I am hoping and planning now to join you on one of your dive trips this year or next year in Belize!  Thank you for your time and support!"
   - Marilyn Clark, Charlottesville, VA

"We're so glad to have a "local" dive shop again.  You guys are the best!"
   - David & Tena Fritz, Staunton, VA

"I'd like to say thanks for a great refresher course last Thursday night. Eric Horton was my instructor and I thought he did a fantastic job. This was my first diving since I finished my certification five years ago, and he did a great job evaluating what I remembered and what I needed to work on. He ran the review with the same motivation that I try to have when I give flight reviews to pilots, and I appreciate his professionalism and enthusiasm for the work."
   - Brady Genz, Ruckersville, VA

"We has such a good time in Bonaire and are very grateful. Thanks for a great trip, great dives, and FUN!"
   - John and William Hunt, Charlottesville, VA

"That was the best dive EVER"
   - William Hunt, Charlottesville, VA

"You guys go over and beyond!  All of you are AWESOME!"
   - Christina Davis, Gordonsville, VA

"Great, helpful staff."
   - Reed Muehlman, Charlottesville, VA

"We absolutely LOVED the Grand Bahama trip!  Especially the shark dive!  Thank Joe for all of his great instruction, not to mention his patience.  I'm completely hooked on SCUBA!  In fact we are headed to Little Cayman in November. I can't wait!  Thanks for the experience!"
   - Jeremy & Jennifer DeReus, Manassas, VA 

"Mike Marks is great - good ambassador for you.  I'll be a regular of your store."
   - Rick White, Charlottesville, VA 

"The courtesy of the staff is great - very friendly & knowledgeable.  I will definitely be back."
   - Jessica Risner, Charlottesville, VA 

"I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. I read every word! Thanks for all your services and support over the years.  What a terrific group of people you are!"
   - Sue Stanley, Charlottesville, VA 

"I thought everyone was very nice and courteous.  Thank you!  Can't wait to go diving again!"
   - Carey Davis, Charlottesville, VA 

"A well run business with a friendly and knowledgeable staff."
   - Bret Theakston, Charlottesville, VA 

"When we go on a dive trip, it will definitely be with 'youse' guys! All the best,"
   - Tom & Tonya Grinde, Sea Cliff, NY

"Great learning experience! I expect to keep using your shop and buying additional equipment."
   - David Kunkel, Keswick, VA

"My scuba class and check-out dives were wonderful experiences.  Your staff is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  Thanks."
   - Melissa Wilber, Nellysford, VA

"I had a great time at my dive training.  Joe even went out of his way to rescue me from Kroger J" (car break down)
   - Jodie Nichols, Lynchburg, VA

"Dear Chip and Susan, I wanted to again thank you for coming and presenting to the sixth grade class. It was a memorable experience for our students. They are still buzzing around about it today and are full of questions. We will certainly be calling upon your expertise again.
   - Julie Burley, Stanardsville, VA

"We took the weekend dive course with Joe Marcinko & it was great!  Joe was attentive, extremely professional and a great instructor!"
    - Tom & Ann Faisant, Afton, VA

"Thanks to you an your organization, Joe and Susan and Lenny, for conducting an excellent introduction to SCUBA for the United State Naval Sea Cadet Corps, America Division.  The entire training evolution went flawlessly.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for any youth organization considering Dive Connections as their SCUBA training resource"
    - William Randolph, Instructor USNSCC, Charlottesville VA

"Happy Holidays!  We'll see you in April if not before and also Susan is a joy to be with"
    - Bruce & Susan Shifflett, Ruckersville, VA

"Great Trip. Thank You!"
    - Dan Price, Earlysville, VA

"Susan did an absolutely terrific job!   She was thorough and specific, but presented the material in an easy to learn fashion.   I never felt like I was in a school-like setting, instead I felt like I was out with a friend having fun, but was learning at the same time.   I will absolutely recommend Dive Connections to friends seeking certification and especially Susan."
    - Brennan Gilmore, Lexington, VA

“My family and I have enjoyed our association with everyone at Dive Connections and hope to continue it.  Really not enough room (on this survey card) for all the good things I would say!!”
    - Marty DeReus, Buena Vista, VA

"Bruce.  Thanks for the time & effort you put in with Josh.  He really enjoyed it, & we appreciate it!".
    - John & Kathy Cattano, Charlottesville, VA

"Mike Marks should be recognized for his thorough and unstinting adherence to PADI procedures.  He's patient, succinct, professional & knowledgeable! I would like to also praise all the Dive Connections instructors who prepared me to complete my Divemaster certification back here in St. Maarten."
    - Robert McDonough, St. Maarten, NA

"Steve’s professionalism and leadership made for a great time for all.  I look forward to diving with the rest of the Dive Connections team.
    - John Szczyglinski, Charlottesville, VA

"Hi Joe:  I just got back from the Turks & Caicos - passed my check out dives, got to dive five days.  Saw sharks, rays, octopus, giant lobsters, grouper, & all sorts of amazing things.  It was a great trip - thanks again for helping me be so well prepared!"
    - Kirsten Phlen, Charlottesville, VA 

"We can't thank you enough for helping us have the best vacation of our lives!"
    - The Hastings, Charlottesville, VA

“Your class and certification dives were fantastic.  I had the time of my life.”
    – Greg Guibert, Bethesda, MD

“I love the ‘Go Diving’ philosophy.” 
    – Miriam Bizup, Charlottesville, VA

“We have had excellent service.  Glad you are here.  Thanks”
    – Roberta & Ivan Crosby, Charlottesville, VA 

“Excellent staff that are attentive, knowledgeable and friendly.”
    - James Long, Charlottesville, VA

"Excellent customer service from Chip & all employees and instructors." 
    - Vic Modic, Charlottesville, VA 

"You guys are GREAT and a pleasure to be with!!"
    - David Jacobs, Gordonsville, VA 

"Great store and our Open Water certification class with Gordon was excellent!"
    - Julie King, Charlottesville, VA

"Our instructors, John and Gordon, were very competent & helpful."
    - Judy Allshouse, Charlottesville, VA

"Bruce, you did a great job on our underwater skills.  We had a great time"
    - Dave Maccarelli, Waynesboro, VA

"Excellent full service dive shop!"
    - John Evans, Charlottesville, VA

"Anytime anyone mentions diving, we tell them about you.  We think you are great.  Thanks for all you do."
    - Elizabeth Neff, Charlottesville, VA

"Lenny is your best asset. He has enthusiasm and product knowledge.  He also makes it convenient to dive.
    - Cliff Bunyea, Troy, VA

"Love my gear! Thanks!"
    - Kyle Lynn, Charlottesville, VA 

"Bruce: (On our referral) Our PADI instructor was very complementary of our skills... Thanks for the great instruction."
    - Jim Quarforth, Charlottesville, VA 

"I was very impressed with your flexibility and great attitude! Thanks!"
    - Jackie Holmes, Crozet, VA

"Everything has been terrific!"
    - Maggie & Sam Short, Charlottesville, VA

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