$425 Weekend Trip with Hotel
$270 Boat Ticket Only



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June 22-23
August 3-4
August 24-25
Sept 28-29

  Outrageous V - Discovery Diving/
EconoLodge Crystal Coast
Bill Sawyer
Mark Gebhard
Joe Marcinko
Marilou Maglione

For those of you staying with the group, we will be at the Econo Lodge Crystal Coast,  3410 Bridges St., Morehead City, NC, US, 28557  Phone: (252) 247-2940.  The rooms are currently reserved in my name but it will be two people to a room for Friday and Saturday evening. 

Discovery Diving is located at: 414 Orange Street, Beaufort, NC 28516 Phone: (252)-728-2265.  The SeaQuest II is at the dock by Discovery Diving and leaves the dock at 6:45am. They request that you arrive by 6:00am to start loading the boat for a timely departure and we usually are back at the dock around 3:00 – 3:30pm.

Please make sure you bring your releases, logbook, C-Cards and your DAN Insurance Card.  DAN Diver Insurance (or comparable) is required and can be secured on line here: DAN Diver's Insurance.

As far as diving goes, please fill out and bring with you to the boat the appropriate releases for Discovery Diving which are attached.  I will be diving Nitrox 30% and strongly recommend that whichever gas you breathe, you SHOULD use a dive computer. 

Atlantic Wreck Diving can be challenging as it is and it’s no place to dive without proper planning and gas management.  Computers should be an integral part of you dive kit when venturing off shore as we will be and I know both Dive Connections and Scuba Shack as well as Discovery Diving can rent you one if you don’t currently own one. 

There is no rental gear on board so make sure you arrive at the boat with everything you need including tanks, weights and all personal dive gear.  All dives are within recreational diving limits so we will not be doing any decompression dives.   

Current water temperature is 79°F on the surface and probably be the same top to bottom.  I usually wear a 5 or 7 mil wetsuit with a hood and I also recommend you wear gloves of some sort since we will be on steel shipwrecks. 

The boat has an air-conditioned cabin but be careful of sitting inside if you are prone to seasickness.  If this is your first trip offshore, please medicate for seasickness starting the night before because the waters off shore can be a little “sporty” at times.  If you want to see what the weather and sea conditions are like off shore the Morehead area, click on this link Buoy 41036  to go to NOAA’s Buoy Management page. 

The boat will have plenty of cold water but bring your lunch and any food or drinks that you may need for the day in a small cooler.   


Graveyard of the Atlantic: Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast