Be a Skilled Buddy!


Most divers say that their Rescue Class was the best class they ever took.  Why, because it all about helping other people and preparing for the unknown.  There is lot's of class interaction and the fund is all in the doing.  There is lot's of that.  So join us for a great time and a great opportunity to become the best buddy possible.

Prerequisites:  Emergency First Aid & CPR - All divers should have a solid first aid and CPR certification.  If you have taken a class in the last 2 years, that is sufficient. 



   Sunday 9am-3pm Emergency First Response Prerequisite
   Friday 6:30-8pm Orientation & eLearning Quiz Dive Connections
   Saturday 9-4pm Lake Phoenix  
   Sunday 9-3pm Lake Phoenix  

Final certification dives will be done at Lake Phoenix located in Rawlings, Virginia.

   Rescue Diver Certification Class: $325    
                          plus eLearning Fee: $200



The course package includes required online eLearning, course materials, instruction, certification fees, and pool entry as needed.  The diver is responsible for providing all gear, transportation, park fees and air fills. 

To Register - Three Steps - and call Dive Connections at 434-964-9200 if you have any questions.

(1) Emergency First Response - $220  If you are not current with your EFR certification, sign up for our EFR Course scheduled above.  If that date doesn't work, please let us know and we will provide alternatives.
  Register for Your Class Now - $220
(2) Rescue Diver Course - Just deposit the course to reserve your spot.  The balance is due at the orientation of the class. Once we receive your deposit we will contact you or you can call us.  We will issue the online learning codes.
  Register for Your Class Now -  $200 Deposit

(3) Review the Medical Statement - Once we receive your deposit we will be sending you a medical statement and liability releases for your completion.  Please just fill them out and return them as requested.  If you are wondering about how scuba diving can affect your health, here is a link to a medical release and information.  Itís always a good idea to have a physician advise you when you are planning a new activity.


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