We believe in empowering people to prepare for and respond to emergencies of all sizes.  One way we do this is by providing individuals with the information and skills they need to help in an emergence.  By taking Red Cross sponsored First Aid, CPR, AED classes you are joining the ranks of millions of people worldwide who will be there to help when help is needed.

Instructors at Dive Connections are American Red Cross Authorized Providers.  We offer a blended learning program for Adult & Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED which qualifies for most employer required programs.

The class is provided every Thursday morning, 9 to 11am, with prior reservations.  To qualify for this hands on portion of the class, you must register and complete the online portion of the class.  Go ahead and get started. There is no charge for the online portion, just click on the link and begin.

Adult & Pediatric FA / CPR / AED

When you are ready, call us and reserve your spot in our Thursday morning class.  Click below to pay your fee and will will contact you to register you for your desired date.

Class Fee $115
We will call you to select
your preferred class date

What could be simpler!  Call us for more information or to register at 434-964-9200.

Whether being certified in first aid is critical to your job or you are simply a Good Samaritan, it is important to know that your Red Cross certification is only valid for two years from it's award date.  However, with our convenient recertification courses, it is easy to renew your skills, refresh you memory and maintain your credentials.


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